Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Hair Brush Guide

There are so many different kinds of brushes out there. You may be damaging your hair because you are using the wrong type of hair brush. I'll explain the uses of all the many brushes out there and which brush is best for your hair type. Before I start I'll give you Bre's 3 hair brush tips for beautiful hair. First, don't get brushes with little plastic balls on the bristle's because those are terrible for your hair. Second, Always splurge on brushes because cheap brushes are more damage which is more hair cuts and bad hair days. Last but not least, clean your brushes often because brushes absorb dirt and hair product and can make your hair oily and gross. If you have and questions feel free to comment below!

All in One Brush

This brush is a mixture of natural boar bristle and nylon. This brush gently detangles all hair types and also adds shine.

Paddle Brushes

The paddle brush is best for smoothing long straight hair. This brush is not ideal for layered hair because the brush will eliminate volume and just make your hair shiny and straight.
Paddle brushes are best for fine and thin hair but they can be used on all types.

Round Brushes

Round brushes are solely meant for styling. This brush is great for people with long layers and any hair type. The thermal round brushes have the metal barrel that help curl and add volume when blow-drying hair.

Flat Brushes

The flat brush is very similar to the paddle brush except the metal base will heat up when you blow dry and will ensure a precise straight hairstyle. This brush is best for straight hair to straight-wavy. This brush should NOT be used daily because this brush stresses and damages your hair because the heat retention of the brush.

Boar Bristle Brushes

Boar bristle brushes are natural and gentle on hair. They distribute hair oil evenly so hair will be balanced and soft to the touch. This brush is best for thick hair.

Teasing Comb

Teasing comb are pretty self explanatory. You can create volume with these combs by back brushing you hair. They damage and break your hair so use this brush in moderation!

Massage Brush

This brush is best to use after you have detangled your hair because the chucky bristles don't glide through tangles very well. These brushes stimulate the scalp and increase hair growth. They are often used to when shampooing and/ or distributing hair products.

Vented Brushes

These brushes speed up the blow drying processes and add texture and volume. These brushes are good for all hair types just remember not to use the brush with the plastic ball bristles.

Hope this helped clear up some confusion about all the brushes! Comment below what you think!! XOXO


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