Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School Must Haves (Supplies)

School will be starting before you know it and of course you want all your school supplies to be cute and trendy so here's some back to school must haves. 

1. monogrammed camelbak water bottle

2. Lily Pulitzer travel cup



3. Vera Bradley laptop case


4. Monogrammed binder cover









5. Classy pearls


6. Jon Hart Pencil Pouch


7. Lily Planers

8. Tortoise Michael Kors Watch

9. Monogrammed North Face Backpack

10. Monogrammed Pullover

Hope you all enjoyed this!!!
Comment below! What your favorites are?



  1. Where did u get the monogrammed north face backpack?

    1. I bought the North Face backpack online at the north face website and then I had to take it to a local monograming store!! Hope this helped!! XOXO
      -Tara and Breanna

  2. This is the perfect list of what to get! I love your blog! Where do you get the Michael Kors watch?

    1. I got that watch a couple of years ago from Dillards I don't know if you'll be able to find the same exact watch but Michael Kors makes several Tortious watches that are very similar! XOXO
      -Tara and Breanna