Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tips for Quick Healthy Hair Growth!

I have been growing out my hair for a while and we all know how frustrating it can be waiting for stubborn hair to grow. I have tried everything out there to grow out my hair and these are the ultimate hair care tips I've learned.

  1. Be Healthy!

   Stay hydrated, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day it with make your hair grow like a weed, drinking water may also help you maintain your weight, clear your skin and much more. Eat your veggies! A balanced diet with lots of vitamins will help you grow healthy hair. Don’t forget to exercise and get that heart rate up and blood pumping.
My hair April 2013

2.    Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly!

Trust me on this one; you need to get your hair trimmed about ¼ to 1/8th an inch. You need to get rid of those nasty and ugly split ends because they cause breakage. Also, after getting a trim your hair will grow back faster and it will be much healthier and thicker!

 3.    Shampoo Your Hair as Little as Possible!

The longer you wait to wash your hair the better! Now of course you should shower but just put a shower cap on and skip the shampoo for a night. Your hair creates natural oils that your hair needs. If you have really oily hair then, just use some dry shampoo I recommend Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo ($4.49). Also, during the summer or on the weekend when you’re at home you can go like 3 days with out washing your hair or until your hair is really greasy and oily. Before you get into the shower, while hanging your head upside down, massage your scalp to get the blood circulating to promote hair growth.

4.    Don’t Brush Your Hair When Wet!

   Your hair is prone to breakage when wet so stick to the wide tooth comb or the special wet brush when hair is wet. Also I suggest investing in a nice hair detangler, one of my favorites is Redken - Clear Moisture Instant Polishing Prep.

5.    Biotin Supplements (hair, skin, and nail pills)!

   Invest in good vitamin supplements and don’t forget to drink water and eat right! Biotin pills made my hair grow like a weed I took them for about 3 months and my mom made me stop because  my hair was getting too long. I also noticed my hair was growing a lot thicker and I had little to no breakage or hair loss while taking biotin supplements.

6.    NO HEAT!

 You can live with out those heat tools. Trust me it makes a huge difference! Rock the natural look, your hair will be much healthier and grow much faster.

7.    Hair Masks!

   Homemade hair mask are the healthiest products to use because you know the exact ingredients and there are no hidden chemicals. These are my favorites check them out! Don't forget to follow sassy&classy for more great tips and tricks!

What are some of your hair tips and tricks?? What did you think of this post?

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