Thursday, May 29, 2014

Easy & Quick Low Calorie Desserts

Everyone craves those sweet treats but unfortunately they can destroy your diet. With my mom being a nutritionist and all I know a lot of quick fixes and alternatives that won't ruin your diet. All these options are pretty low calorie and healthy.

1. Fruit Sherbet

Sherbet is so yummy and it's only 107 calories for a cup and it's low in fat.

2. Italian Ice

Italian Ice is similar to sherbet but it's less creamy and a little less sugary. 1/2 a cup is 104 calories with 1g of fat and 22 grams of sugar.

3. Sugar Free Pudding or Jello

This is one of my favorite low calorie desserts! It is one of the healthiest too! There are only 60 calories in a serving!

4. Angel Food Cake

Of course cake is never really going to be a low cal dessert but if your a cake lover like me angel food cake is one of the healthiest kinds of cake to eat. 72 calories in a small slice, hey that's not too bad! maybe I should eat more cake haha!

5. Fruit Parfait

This one is higher in calories but its a healthy snack to eat with 5 grams of protein and 300 calories. This could be more of a meal.

6. Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Sugar free hot chocolate is only 60 calories and is a great drink for the winter. You could make a cold hot chocolate drink for the summer too!

7. Twizzlers/Sweddish Fish/100 Grand Bar

Both of these candies will be higher in calories but the are the lowest in fat so if you are really craving candy go for 1 of these 3. By the way I absolutely love sweddish fish like I think I could live off of sweddish fish but I would be morbidly obese so darn...

8. Sugar Free Fudgesicles & Popsicles

Sugar free fudgesicles are only 40 calories and they taste great. I also love popsicles because they are like 10-15 cals a pop so you can eat more than 1 a day!

9. Skinny Cow Products

all the skinny cow product are lower in calories but I usually stay away because they are so pricey!

Hope you enjoyed this post!! comment below what you think and/or you have any requests!!


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