Monday, August 4, 2014

Saving Money for Back to School

Here are many quick helpful tricks to save you money while buying school supplies and clothing for back to school.

1. AMAZON!!!

you have no idea how much money you can save by buying school supplies on amazon. Especially books for the kids you can buy used books for them much cheaper!

2. Target & Forever 21!

Target has really cute and cheap clothing and shoes, perfect to save you money. Forever 21 is another store that has really cheap clothing and accessories.

3. Shop at Resale Stores like Goodwill

I have been volunteering at a resale shop that benefits the homeless over this summer and you would be surprised at how many great deals I find. I have a lot of designer clothing I got for like 3 to 4 dollars a piece. I also got a lightly used Louis Vuitton bag for 3 dollar!! You may think that resale shops are just fun of trash but trust me you can find some good deals and save ALOT of money.

4. TJMAX and Ross

You can get a lot of brand name clothing on sale and save a lot of money!!

5. Always Check the Newspaper and Magazines for Sales

There are always sales at stores and every little bit will save you money.

Hope these quick tips help you same some $$ follow our blog for more back to school tips and tricks!! God Bless XOXO

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