Saturday, March 15, 2014

Victoria Secret Full Body Workout

Every one wants to look like a Victoria Secret Model. Although the models are stick skinny they are also lean and toned. This workout will help you burn fat and tone up muscles. This workout may be difficult but just remember how good you will look after. Also, I suggest you do some cardio along with this. Any cardio is good but I suggest jumping rope, kick boxing, or sprint training. To ensure tones and lean muscles you have to eat healthy and stay hydrated! I also suggest you do this work out 1 or twice a week.


50 crunches (x2 rest in between)
regular plank (1:30 min)
right side plank (1 min)
left side plank (1 min)
50 reverse crunches
bicycles for 30 seconds (x3 rest 20 secs b/w each sets)


100 jumping jacks
30 star jumps
1 min of mountain climbers
wall sit (2 mins)
30 squats


50 calf raises
30 single leg calf raise for each leg


20 push ups
30 little arm circles
30 big arm circles
10 triangle push ups


50 leg lifts on each leg
50 donkey kicks on each legs
50 hip bridges
30 standing side kicks
single leg plank 1 min

hope you all enjoyed this!! comment and like!! XOXO


  1. Is it a routine we should do everyday? Or how many times should we do this?Helpful advice Btw :)

    1. thanks!! and it's really just person preference I recommend 3 to 4 times a week or like every other day hope this helps!