Sunday, March 16, 2014

20 Adult & Kid Friendly Easter Crafts

 I love Easter and I've been feeling crafty lately so here are some great Easter crafts to do with the kids or with some friends.

Clothespin Bunnies {dollarstore crafts} #easter #bunny #craft
Here is a cute dollar store craft that is quick and seems pretty easy.

Make some Yarn Easter Eggs
You could make these cute Peep Straws with the kiddos.
These Peeps in a Pot look super easy to make and are very cute.
These would be super cute to give to the kids for there friends at school. Envelope Bunnies
You could make a Easter Egg Garland for your door!
These Treat Cups are adorable!!!
This Easter Egg Tree is cheap and easy to make.
Here are some more cute Garlands you could make.
The kids will love making these little Easter Dolls & Carts.
These Bunny Bags are my favorite! They are so cute and useful!
These Chick Puppets are super fun and festive! The kids will love them.
This Craft is great for the big kids and even the adults. It's also another good one to make for friends.
Here is a more adult friendly craft. These Metallic Eggs are great Easter d├ęcor.
These are too cute and I bet the kids will love them.
Bunny Place Cards 
These bunny place cards would be great for Easter dinner or an Easter party!
Egg-cellent Fun
The big kid teenagers will love this craft.
 19 Creative (and Easy!) Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs
This is another craft the teen girls and adults out there will love.
 The Brown Bag Bunny is a classic that the toddlers and little ones will love to play with and can make on there own.
Fun Easter crafts
Here's another quick and easy craft the little ones can do on there own!

Hope you guys liked this post Comment below which is your favorite and I hope you have a happy Easter and holiday!! XOXO


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