Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 Makeup Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

These are some handy make up tips that have made my make up look so much better! Hope you enjoy! :)

1. Emphasize Your Brows

Keep your brow clean and trimmed up at all times and always fill in your brows. Use a shade lighter than your natural hair color for the front part of your brows and go in with a darker shade to define your brow arch. Also, don't forget to conceal around your brows and your eye lids. Make sure to add a shimmer highlight on the brow bone too. All of these tips make a huge difference in your make up look trust me!

2. Blot Your Foundation

Allow your foundation to soak in for 2 to 3 minutes, then take a Kleenex and blot away the excess foundation. This ensures a more natural and less cake like makeup. Your make up will also last a lot longer.

3. Comb Your Lashes with an Eyebrow Comb

to avoid clumps use an eye lash comb to comb your lashes after you apply mascara.

4. Don't Use Bronzer if You're Pale

If you are pale bronzer will just make it worse. Go for an illuminator cream or light powder to get a nice glow.

5. Use An Eye Cream

using an eye cream primes your eyes and makes concealer go on smoother. Eye cream will also reduce redness and bags. If your concealer creases often try mixing eye cream and concealer before application.

6. Prepare Your Lips for Lipstick

This will make your lipstick last a lot longer. You need to exfoliate your lips and then follow up with a hydrating lip cream or gel.

7. Use a White Base for Eye Shadow

This will make your eye shadow pop and make your shadow longer lasting.

8. Wash & Save Old Mascara Brushes

use mascara brushes to brush your brows or comb out clumps in your mascara.

9. Don't Over Moisturize

Over Moisturizing with make your make up smear and not last as long. Too much moisturizer will make your face oily and acne prone.

10. If Taking Pictures Don't Use a Foundation w/ SPF

SPF will protect your skin but in pictures SPF will make you look like a pale ghost.

Comment below what you think? or What's your best beauty tip? Thanks


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