Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pre-Work Out Meals & Snacks

What's best to eat before a work out? It's best not to eat a huge meal before a work out so all these meals are very light. Carbs are also a great source of energy for pre work out snacks and meals so I incorporated carbs in every meal. When choosing a meal before work out avoid fats and foods that are slow to digest. Also, watch out for foods with a lot of fiber. Do not eat an foods with a lot of fiber or sugar. You should eat a good meal no less than 4 hours before a workout. You can eat a light snack or carb drink 3 to 2 hours before you exercise.

Veggie Bagel Sandwich

The bagel is a great source of carbs to ensure energy during your work out. Also, the veggies add flavor and they are very light so you won't get a side ache or upset stomach while working out.

Peanut Butter Banana Toast

This meal is a great source of protein with the peanut butter, banana and carbs. Also, bananas are packed with potassium to prevent muscle cramps. If you are looking for something more low calorie I would go for the wheat bread or whole grain.

Fruit and Yogurt

Fruit and yogurt is a more light and lower protein option. If you need more energy add a piece of toast or granola for carbs. I would also suggest getting greek yogurt instead of regular because it's packed with protein. The fruit is also a great source of vitamins and antioxidants.


Waffles are a great source of carbs but, you just have to be light on the syrup. If you add dark chocolate or some fruit to the batter then, you may not even need syrup. You can also replace the syrup with peanut butter or yogurt for a more healthier approach. I would also suggest making oatmeal waffles or whole wheat waffles.

Pasta and Veggies

Pasta is the ideal pre work out meal but sometimes the sauces are full of yucky preservatives that could slow you down. Make sure you eat the noodles with some light oil or fresh homemade tomato sauce. If you are eating your pasta with oil be sure to add vegetables to add more flavor.

Goldfish & Cuties

Back to the lower school days all over again. Surprisingly, Goldfish and cuties are the best pre-workout snack. They are both cheap, and light.

Baked Potato

Baked potatoes will definitely keep you full through out your workout and will give you lots of energy. Make sure you keep the topping light and simple. Add a few veggies, salt, pepper and some oil.


Smoothies are a great pre work out snack or meal. Always make your smoothies homemade never drink them out of a bottle because those are jacked with lots of sugar. Oatmeal and banana smoothies are my favorite and they are packed with protein.

Healthy Sandwich

Be sure to add lots of veggies to you sandwich and eat this no less than 4 hour before your work out. Choose your bread according to how hard your work out will be. If you are going to work out hard then get the high calorie white bread. If you going for a light and easy work out go for the low cal wheat bread.


Crackers & Cheese Please!!!

Cheese and cracker are perfect because they are incredibly light and will provide with lots of energy.
I hope you all enjoyed this post! Comment below if you want to see a post- workout meal & snacks post!!


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