Thursday, December 12, 2013

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Diets are hard and just don't really work from some people. No need to worry if you just eat a balanced diet and adopt healthy habits, you are sure to loss weight. I know I'm not a doctor or anything but, I do know a lot because my mom is a nutritionist.

Drink at least 8 glasses a day. There are so many benefits of drinking water. It cleans out toxins, which will kick-start your metabolism and increase weight loss. I can not stress how important it is to drink water.

2. Proportions
It's okay to indulge every now and then, but make sure you eat a reasonable proportioned amount. For instance, if you want ice cream, eat half a serving or just 1 serving. The key is to eat sweets and junk food in moderation.

3. Eat those Veggies!
Make sure you have a serving of vegetables on your plate at every meal. They will keep you full for longer and they are a great snack.

4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
I don't actually know if eating an apple a day will keep the doctor a way but it's a good idea to eat an apple a day. Eat an apple as a snack or after lunch. They will fill you up because they are full of fiber, so you won't be as hungry later.

5. Exercise
Try to get out and exercise at least twice a week. It's not like you have to go run 3 miles or something, just go for a walk or do some sit ups here and there.

6. Don't keep a lot of junk food in your house.
The more you have the more you eat.

7. Avoid processed food, keep it all natural!
8. Never forget breakfast ever.
If you don't eat breakfast you will be hungry and grumpy all day. Breakfast is the most important meal.

9. Make smart decisions when you go out to eat.
Go for the soup before the salad and you'll save some major calories! Most salads at restaurants are bathed in fattening, high calorie dressings. If they don't have soup or salad, go for the grilled chicken or order off the child's menu.

10. Find healthy alternatives for your favorite fattening foods.
Are you craving chocolate? try some chocolate jello pudding. Substitute some angel food cake for real cake. Want some pizza? try a healthy version on whole grain or cut the cheese of your pizza and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese. Want some some ice cream? try the sherbet version you could save up to 125 calories per serving.

Hope the habits help you!! What are your healthy habits!!

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