Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DIY Shorts

Summer has begun which means its time to spice your wardrobe. Turn those plain shorts into a lace masterpiece or an American Flag!!! Here's a some DIY shorts that are super easy, super cute, and no sewing required.

Tie Dye Shorts

What you'll need:
- White shorts (must be white shorts)
- Dyes
- Soda Ash
- Gloves

1. Soak the shorts in a mixture of water and soda ash. This will keep the colors from fading.

2. Squirt the 1st color onto the shorts wherever you want then add another color and so on.

3. When you flip the shorts over, the colors should've bled through so just add the finishing touches and          you got some tie dye shorts!!!!

Lace Shorts

What you'll need:
- Shorts
- Lace
- Measuring tape
- Fabric Glue
- Paint Brush
- Scissors

1. Start from the bottom up and put a line of glue across the shorts

2. Put the lace onto the shorts on top of the glue and use the paint brush to paint some glue over the fabric to really secure the lace (the glue will dry clear so the glue won't show)

3. Just keep repeating steps 1 & 2 up the shorts and let them dry and enjoy your homemade lace shorts

American Flag Shorts

What you'll need:
- Denim Shorts
- Paint (red and white)
- Paint Brush
- Masking Tape 
- Scissors
- Star Stencil

*looking at the front of the shorts, the stars should be on the left and the stripes on the right

1. Use the star stencil and the white paint to paint on the stars. Use a small paintbrush for the edges and a fat paintbrush to fill in the stars

2. Just keep repeating until you have all the stars you want

3. Tape off sections on the right side of the shorts and paint between the pieces of tape either white or red (make sure to go over the white paint twice)

4. After the white dries, paint on the red stripes and enjoy your 4th of July wear!!!!

Hope you use this article to turn those old jean shorts into a cute masterpiece!!!

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